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Breathwork 🫁

Breathwork sessions involve the practice of conscious breathing techniques with the goal of improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Ice Baths 🧊

An ice bath is a form of cold therapy that involves immersing your body in cold water or ice for several minutes.

Online Coaching 📝

A holistic approach recognises that each person's body and lifestyle are unique, and therefore requires a personalised approach to weight loss that works for them.

Studio based training 🏡

Holistic coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on the individual as a whole, considering their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in the coaching process.


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About AJ

AJ Rowe

Founder, Conquer Me 365

After 4 years in the Royal Navy AJ left to start a career in the fitness industry, passing his level 3 personal trainer course he then moved on to starting his own bootcamp – called Body Weight Fitness (BWF) based in South Manchester. It was running for just short of 2 years and it was very popular in the area with a fantastic community that was taking part weekly.

Due to depression and anxiety, AJ felt it was time to stop the bootcamp as he didn’t feel like he had it in him to carry on with it anymore, turning to emotional eating to find some form of comfort he piled on the weight and was a different person physically and mentally to the person he once was … 

The following 6 months took a turn for the worst with him spending most of the week in bed not having the mental strength or willpower to get up and be the productive guy he was. After 6 months he knew he had to sort himself out and without medication he found himself back in the driving seat and got a career in the automotive industry, this career span from 2015 to 2023 growing from sales advisor to sales director. At first he enjoyed the different roles and the challenges they had to bring, but after 6 years he was starting to get the feeling that this role and industry wasn’t for him anymore, it just wasn’t firing him mentally. He carried on for another 2 years and earned a lot of money, but as great as this may sound it was actually the turning point.

So, between 2021-23 he has been on a journey of personal development, he started of by brushing up his knowledge on the human body and the principles of fat loss, and during the last 2 Covid lockdowns he managed to lose 3 stone which had him looking the best he had looked in nearly a decade, but there was one problem.

The pubs were due open soon as lockdowns lifted and he was worried his habits would spark again. As he thought, one night out led to more and more and his comfort eating was back in full swing and his training went from 5 times per week to 0 as his anxiety was increasing he was stuck in a never ending loop, stress, drink, eat with no consideration for his health.

2023 – Aj new he couldn’t carry on in life like he was, from the outside looking in he had it all, the career, car, watch and house but inside he was quite empty in terms of joy and happiness and was simply living for the Friday beers after work.

He had lost his purpose, he was driven by pleasure and had no other reward systems in place other than takeaways and alcohol.

February 2023 – Aj reached out to a Men’s Freedom coach who he saw on socials and could relate to on so many levels. He scrolled his account reading his story and booked a discovery call and this is where it all began to change.

Big Shifts

Aj’s coach brought some direction into his life in the form of a new morning routine and weekly coaching calls for 12 weeks where they would discuss the previous week, current challenges and unwrapping years of self sabotaging behaviours. From there Aj has taken control of his life again, he no longer drinks alcohol on a weekly basis. He now drinks once every couple of months when the occasion arises, he has set up multiple new reward systems, began training in the wellbeing space and has new hobbies which not only serve him but his family too.

Whats Next?

Aj has started CM365 to help men and women conquer their own fears and limiting beliefs using breathwork, ice baths, meditation and other holistic approaches. He knows approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year & in England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week.

Knowing these statistics he wants to help as many people as possible by teaching them the fundamentals of cold water immersion and breathwork so when they leave him they have the know-how on how they can start to use these tools to improve their own mental wellbeing and live a happier, fuller life.


Men’s wellbeing coach:

Aj has been a “big guy” for a long time and is now well on his way back to his old self using a simple, easy and non restrictive way to lose body fat. Aj always new the principles of weight loss, he even enjoyed practising it but when life got tough he always dropped off and went back to his old ways. He understands what it’s like to be overweight, struggling with stairs, worried about sweating in public when he had to walk a short distance, standing in changing rooms full of frustration because he can’t get his size in the shirt he really wanted. His passion for helping others (like he did all them years ago with the bootcamp) has been reignited but this time he has more knowledge than before and himself is a walking example of what can be achieved once you conquer your mind. He isn’t where he wants to be yet, but he has a realistic goal written down and now knows with his new strong mindset and his knowledge on fat loss he will get to where he wants to be.

Relating to this?

He wants men that are struggling to lose fat and relate to the above statements to reach out for a discovery call with him so he can map out how he can help you improve your mindset, build better relationships with your friends and family and finally lose the fat that is ruining your life and keeping you self esteem at rock bottom.

Conquer Your Mind – Then Your Body

Manifest Your Future

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Both breathwork and ice baths require training and guidance to ensure proper technique and safety. Many individuals have found these practices to be transformative and life-changing, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

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