Breathwork Session


What is Breathwork?
Breathwork is a healing modality that uses simple controlled breath patterns to take you into a deep state of consciousness where emotional healing can be more easily accessed. It works by helping you bypass the conscious mind and move into the subtle body to access the deeper layers of emotion, while gently supporting the nervous system. It’s a faster way to move stuck energy and tap into a deeply intuitive state while remaining grounded in the body.

In a society that gives limited spaces for emotional catharsis, Breathwork makes it easier to access all that is locked inside. It shows us what we need to see in a safe and supportive container where we remain in the driver’s seat of our experience.

The Benefits of Breathwork:
A simple way to experience emotional release and relief

Healing and support with depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, grief, heartache, and other intense emotions

Trauma processing and release

Deep catharsis (the feeling you get after the best cry you’ve ever had) that leaves you renewed and refreshed

Clearing of energetic and emotional residue

Feelings of clarity, awareness, and inner knowing

Increased energy and emotional freedom

Intuitive messages about your life, work, purpose, and needs

Bypassing the conscious mind and breaking through old patterns, habits and cycles

What to Expect
Each session is 90 minutes long as follows:

30 minutes to discuss intentions and get clear on what needs healing

30 minutes to lay down and breathe using the 3 part breath pattern with music and guided support

15 minutes to ground and rest

15 minutes for follow up and aftercare tools

You lay down and breathe, simple as that … move beyond your limitations with your breath

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